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From Converting Cart Abandons to
Managing Returns

Futwork steps in with its dedicated communication experts to help you enhance your customer experience.
Our customers have seen a 9% conversion rate on cart abandons and a 30% increase in successful reattempts

Introducing Address Identify

Address Identify is an API based solution that checks your customers address score and makes a judgement whether you should proceed to delivery or collect more information.

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NDR Management Solutions:
Increase successful deliveries by 30%

Futwork's NDR Experts seek issue-specific responses from customers for reattempting delivery.All responses collected are pushed back to the carrier’s CRM/DB without any manual intervention.

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Less than 50,000 calls a month
+ Taxes Per Connected Call
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>500,000 calls a month
INR 6.75
+ Taxes Per Connected Call
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  • Address Identify Integration
  • Custom Integrations
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