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Futwork is a modern contact center solution built for companies that care about their customers
We are the champions of customer communication

Stage OTT - call centre solution for entertainment industryBharatPe - call centre solution for fintech & banking industryKhatabook -  call centre solution for lending, fintech & brokerage industryLeverage edu - call centre solution for Education & Ed-tech industryFlipkart - call centre solution for e-commerce industryCodeacademy - best outbound calling solutions for Education & Ed-tech industry
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Full Stack Customer Communication Solutions

State-of-the-art technology meets top tier talent.
We train, manage and deploy the best agents, powered by our powerful mobile app and interactive dialler.

API integration & custom workflows - compatible with leading CRMs
API based integration for pushing leads into calling funnel
Proprietary best-in-class Interactive Scripts that bring the best out our agents
In app Interactive Calling Script for agents to assist them in conversation with customer and on call data collection
Live data collection, making calls actionable in real-time
On call data collection via In app data collection features
Real time communication flows such as WhatsApp, IVR and SMS
Call report for every call made sent to clients daily
AI assisted calls, training & quality assurance
AI assisted calling - AI enabled contact centre solutions to help you scale up your business through effective customer outreach campaigns

Experience the Future with AI

AI agent AIsha capable of handling complex inbound & outbound calls

Aisha AI

Introducing Aisha AI, Futwork’s homegrown AI agent capable of handling complex calls for various inbound and outbound use cases. Aisha is ready to take your customer communications to the next level. Reach out for early access.

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AI assisted training to agents

Sage AI

Futwork’s AI trainer Sage supports our expert team of trainers and conducts mock calls with our agents to ensure they are well prepared for all situations that arise on call. With Sage, agents are able to learn ‘on-the-job’ without affecting real outcomes and thereby maintaining top notch quality.

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AI powered agent call monitoring and auditing

Merlin AI

Futwork’s quality assurance initiative Merlin ensures that all calls are screened and agents receive the best feedback in a timely manner. Thanks to Merlin, we are able to provide best-in-class quality scores to our clients.

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Futwork for your Industry

Logistics & E-commerce

Increase successful deliveries and reduce Return to Origin (RTOs) with Futwork's timely & effective outbound calling. Reach customers instantly on orders being placed.

Cart Abandon Conversions, Order Confirmation, Address Verification
NDR Management Calls, Delivery Verification, Return Scheduling & Confirmation
Customer Reactivation, Feedback & Support
Address Validation and Enrichment
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tech enabled call centre solutions for Logistics and E commerce industry

Fintech & Lending

Don't lose any leads in the sales funnel. Continuously engage with your prospects and win them as customers.

Lead Qualification & Eligibility Check
Reminders, Document Collection Calls
Sales, Customer Onboarding, Upselling & Cross-selling
Relationship with VROOM (Futwork's Virtual Relationship Management Module)
Customer Support & Reactivation
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modern call centre solutions for fintech, baking and finance sector

Education & Ed-tech

Convert more leads and reduce CAC by 30% with our trained education counsellors. We work across ticket sizes with customized solutions powered by the Futwork CRM.

Lead Generation, Qualification & Validation
Drive Campus Visits and Webinar Attendees
Set up Counseling calls and Demo Bookings
End-to-end Sales
Customer Support,  Reactivation and Feedback
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tech powered call centre solution for education & ed-tech companies for inbound & outbound calling needs

Banking, Brokerage & Insurance

Deploy our expert agents in 8+ languages to enable your rural banking customer base. Rely on our secure and encrypted workflows (ISO27001:2013 Certified)

Account Opening Drop-Off Management
Account Activation
Asset Sales (Loan, Credit Cards), Liabilities Sales (Deposits, Accounts)
Relationship with VROOM (our Virtual Relationship Management Module)
Up-selling, Cross-selling & Customer Support
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tech powered calling solutions for banking, brokerage and insurance companies for customer support

Subscription Renewal, Media & Entertainment

Trained specialists on a low cost hybrid model to help increase conversions, renewals and manage customer support in 8+ languages.

End-to-end Sales
Subscription Renewal
Customer Support & Reactivation
Feedback Collection
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Outbound calling solutions for entertainment industry

Everything Else

Communicate with your customers via personalized phone calls and achieve your business goals.
Not sure if tele-calling is right for you? Go live with a pilot in under 7 days and find out or yourself! 

Pre-Sales -> Lead Qualification
End-to-end Sales Management
Welcome Calls
Customer NPS and CSAT
Operations Management & Fleet Management
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world class BPO solutions for calling needs and customer service

Futwork is going global!

Support your customers globally with our trained agents. Hire remote SDRs, virtual support staff and more. We have trained talent ready-to-go for North America, SEA & GCC.

Remote SDRs - Lead Qualifcation & Demo Booking
Customer Support & Activation
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international calling solutions

Transcending the traditional BPO

Our high touch engagement model helps us consistently beat performance benchmarks. We work as insiders of your team and co-develop highly effective processes driven for success.

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Free 30 day trial period for set up and piloting

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Hit benchmarks and scale with optimized workflows

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Skin-in-the-game approach - outcome orienting pricing

modern tech enabled BPO solutions at competitive pricing
Vyapar client testimonial
Vyapar logo png

I have had the pleasure of working with Futwork team for the past year, and I must commend their exceptional work on our NPS surveys. Their dedication, efficiency, and insight have not only streamlined our processes but also deepened our customer understanding. Futwork is a dependable, meticulous, and proactive partner. I look forward to more successful projects together.

Shivasni Bhan
Associate Product Marketing Manager, Vyapar
Healthifyme client testimonial
HealthifyMe logo png

Futwork's partnership has significantly improved our sales initiatives. Their dedicated team and commitment to elevating our work in line with company standards have resulted in remarkable improvements in our RPLs and ATVs.

Nidhi Rajput
Head of Team -Sales & Operation, Healthifyme
Minimise high delivery failure rate for your e-commerce & logistics business


E-commerce Operations

A leading e-commerce business faced high delivery failure rate for COD orders, which had a direct impact on inventory management and costs.

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Streamlining Operations for a Fintech Giant

A leading Fintech platform, serving over 13 million merchants, sought to enhance support for its merchants. The client provides a variety of products to merchants across India, including QR codes and devices for managing payments.

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Effective customer support services for fintech product merchants


Support Queries for a Leading Media Platform

A leading OTT platform which provides content in regional languages, faced major challenges in handling quries such as canceling auto-pay and trial subscriptions, assisting with refunds, and explaining different offers

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solve your customer queries at scale, speed up the operations with our calling solutions

Meet the Agents

We work with the best . Only the top 1% of applicants are certified to work on Futwork. Coaches from our knowledge hub ensure agents are trained and primed for success. Women empowerment is a key value for us, with 70% of our workforce being women.

Work from home tele-calling jobs at Futwork